Protests and Controversy over Positive Birding event at Wilson/Broadway next weekend at 6AM

Cappleman’s office announces Positive Birding event

UPTOWN – Chicago’s 46th Ward Alderman and local animal rights activists appear headed for a renewed clash over pigeons.

Cappleman could not be reached for comment Saturday, and his chief of staff, Tressa Feher, declined to comment.

In an email, Cappleman’s husband Richard Thale said “James loves birds. He has been very supportive of the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary”. Previously Cappleman has been quoted as supporting another pigeon farm event in Indiana, releasing a chart showing Chicago has more pigeons than other nearby states.

An Uptown resident, name withheld by request said “Those pigeons need to stop living on handouts, do something productive like migratory birds at Montrose Point.” Another anonymous resident said “The homeless pigeons are all just bird brains, they don’t want help. They have diseases, just like the icky homeless people.”

Former Pigeon City resident, Pete Pigeon said “I was born in Uptown, spent my whole life here. What gives this guy from Texas the right to say I have to move to Indiana?”

Patrick Pigeon, organizer at Pigeons for Justice said “This won’t fly. It’s been over 5 years since the Great Net Massacre, every bird has a right to exist in Uptown, not just those Montrose Point kind of birds.”

Matt Thatcher, an attorney at the animals rights law firm Louie and Louie says “We are prepared to file lawsuits if this discriminatory escalation continues. This will be yet another clear felony violation of the Humane Care for Animals Act, birds have rights too.”

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