Cappleman, husband & Democratic Party employee Lauren Peters embrace at pre-prison party

Hush Hush Private Party at Uptown Underground

UPTOWN – Lauren Peters, her resume thick with political employee titles, reports this month for a 1 year prison sentence. In July 2017, she was arrested and later convicted for her bizarre attack on a local radio personality.

How the mighty fall: Campaign Manager, Political Director, Deputy Field Director, and Deputy Director are among the titles listed on her Linkedin. Principally known in Uptown as Cappleman’s former Chief of Staff, and Rahm Emanuel’s super PAC Chicago Forward Deputy Director, Peters works now(?) for Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza.

It is anticipated she will serve less than 6 months and be out in time for this November’s General Election and next February’s Municipal Election. Phew!

Speaking at the podium, wobbling slightly with his Pinot Grigio and nary a tear, Alderman Cappleman addressed the somber crowd and said “Thank you, Lauren Peters for taking one for the team. Without employees like you, where would us politicians be? You’re a real Democrat!”

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