BREAKING UPDATE: Uptown Pigeon receives written threat – “I’m going to kill every pigeon I see today”

Secret Facebook Neighborhood Watch Group member Redacted Name continues threats to pigeons

UPTOWN – OMG, poisoning pigeons, pets and children isn’t enough for this dangerous person, he’s now threatening to go on a personal pigeon killing rampage… This guy is clearly unstable.

In another comment on our website, he had the nerve to call pigeons “vermin”.

Redacted Name
That is not a secret hate group. It is a group trying to ensure sanitation and safety standards in Uptown. Any comments about poisoning birds were clearly hyperbolic and satirical. Pigeons are filthy vermin and need to be dealt with by the city more effectively.

Pigeons are not vermin, and BTW has anyone ever seen a hate group that understands or admits it is a hate group? I haven’t. If it is not a hate group, then open the group up to the public, instead of operating in anonymity and secrecy like darkness usually does, let the public decide. And kabosh this dangerous animal hater.

Reminder due to the seriousness of this news, we are urging the public to be careful of these dangerous extremists.

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