Alderman Cappleman and his Chief of Staff still on high-class alcoholism tour at Larry’s on Lawrence

“Rich people have stronger genes” says Feher

UPTOWN – We knew it was gonna be good when we caught up with these two.

“It’s proof positive that old SRO’s can be reborn,” says Alderman Cappleman “beautiful people in a beautiful building, there is no downside to this.”

He continued “Poor people and their crummy hole in the wall bars are in the past in the 46th Ward. This is the new Uptown, expensive liquor, expensive rents, expensive eye candy… it doesn’t get better than this!”

‘Free Drinks for Politicians Night’ decisive factor says Chief of Staff Tressa Feher.

Cappleman interrupted “Larry’s, Provisions Uptown, Uptown Underground.. I could go on and on, it’s great! Tons of free drinks for politicians! In my next term, the 46th Ward will have more expensive booze than the other wards, it’s win-win.”

“Besides” he continued without pause “It’s not easy being the biggest anonymous *ssholes on or coming up with creative ideas like photoshopping German army helmets on Amy Crawford graphics. We need liquid help, just ask my husband, he knows better than both of us!”

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