Cappleman forms anonymous 46th Ward Crime and Vagrancy Eradication Committee, deputizes members

“Those Shorties and Panhandlers will be trembling in their Air Jordans now” says Alderman Cappleman

UPTOWN – Cappleman announced “We all know that calling 911 or positive loitering on those people doesn’t always work. It’s time to put some real bite in the gap between the Chicago Police Dept and my Neighborhood Watch Group.”

Pressed for details, he said “This is an undercover committee, but the good news is property owners will be able to reach the committee, also anonymously at the newly established Uptown Update Hotline 773-944-0943. Donations to support the committee’s work can be made directly at Citizens for Cappleman

“I will name one name,” Cappleman continued “Mark Zipperer of RE/MAX on Broadway will be the lead Real Estate Industry representative on this committee, like he is on all my committees. It’s important.”

Asked about rumors that his husband Richard Thale would head up the newly formed committee, Cappleman said “I can’t say but I will say Richard is a master of anonymity, he is everywhere. No one hustles a sidewalk like my hubby does. None of my staff works like he does. He’s executive publisher of the Uptown Update, #1 CAPS beat facilitator and chair of the 19th Police District’s Court Advocacy Committee. He’s my number one cheerleader. Without Richard, I’d probably still be just a burned out social worker.”

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