Alderman’s Husband invites fired Starbucks Manager to join 46th Ward Neighborhood Crime Watch

BREAKING: Eye for 911 calls that shouldn’t go to waste

UPTOWN – Reached by phone, Alderman Cappleman’s husband Richard Thale confirmed he has invited the fired Philadelphia Starbucks Manager to join the 46th Ward Neighborhood Crime Watch Group.

The CAPS beat facilitator and chair of the 19th Police District’s Court Advocacy Committee said “This is what the Alderman and I do every day. We advise people to call 911 when they see suspicious looking people. You can’t be too careful.”

Thale continued “This Starbucks Manager did what it takes. Look at those people arrested, they definitely looked suspicious. We could only be so lucky to have the Starbucks down the street be so ready to fight those people the way this hero manager did.”

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