‘Lost’ Audit Reveals All Taxes & Fees for Homeless Spent on DFSS Trucks, Office Furniture & Bonuses

Cappleman says this is the first step in Housing First

CHICAGO – In another late Friday press release Joseph M. Ferguson, Inspector General announced that all 2016-2017 funds, millions of dollars, collected from sources like real estate developer fees and Airbnb taxes for housing the homeless were spent on DFSS vehicles, furniture and bonuses.

Asked for details the Inspector General’s office replied in email “Exactly how much was spent on what remains undetermined. We are still waiting for Lisa Morrison Butler’s and Rahm Emanuel’s offices to return our calls. You know as much as we do.”

Neither Department of Family & Support Services (DFSS) Commissioner Lisa Morrison Butler’s office nor Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office returned Uptown Pigeon’s calls to confirm.

Off the record, an anonymous DFSS employee unauthorized to comment said “Those trucks are specially engineered to serve the homeless and a fair value for what you get. The furniture is very nice; it’s made to last a very long time. As for the bonuses, it’s not just the homeless that have mortgages, city employees have mortgages too. We work very hard dumping the homeless at Pacific Garden Mission.”

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