BREAKING: Alderman Cappleman relocating 46th Ward Aldermanic Office to Jefferson Park

Parking for developers, convenience to trains downtown and improved services for 46th Ward constituents

Jefferson Park pigeons alarmed

UPTOWN – An anonymous staffer broke the news to the Uptown Pigeon that as part of his strategy, Alderman Cappleman has signed a lease in Jefferson Park for a new 46th Ward Aldermanic Office.

They said Cappleman got the idea from a recent Department of Human Services move from Uptown to a nearby location on the northwest side of Chicago and was amazed he didn’t think of it first.

Reached for confirmation, Cappleman said “Yes, it’s revolutionary I know, but this is the kind of future evidence-based pro-development thinking my constituents have come to know and expect from me. Much will remain the same, only better!”

Cappleman continued “My office will still have open hours on Mondays for constituents to come and listen to me.”

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