Community Bulletin: Cappleman election loss could be catastrophic as entitled worldviews self-destruct

Near guillotine level protests as average people swarm Cappleman residence in 2017. Now the shoe will be on the other foot as the wealthy try to regain special favor for themselves and their inanimate objects.

Be prepared, expect aberrant behavior even violence as ruling class accelerates towards equality for all

Uptown – Polling last year had determined that Chicago’s 46th Ward incumbent Alderman Cappleman would likely lose his reelection bid in the April 2019 Runoff Election.

Now, new polling done last week indicates the trends against Cappleman’s reelection are even stronger than previously reported.

New results indicate there is an over 68% chance that Cappleman will lose in the General Election and 2 women challengers will go to the runoff instead.

The Uptown Medical Providers Association has issued a Community Bulletin that this unexpected adjustment for Cappleman supporters, already used to an uninterrupted imaginary state for 8 years, could prove too much for them to handle.

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