With election fraud indictment on-hold temporarily, 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman resumes jealous rage against local artist

“Nothing can stop Cappleman from focusing on that artist, even subconsciously he’s ready to tile the whole ward” -anonymous 46th Ward resident

UPTOWN – The Uptown Pigeon reported one similar example of Cappleman’s very unhealthy obsession with a local artist 13 months ago in our article “Jealous of Local Artist’s Chicago Mosaics, Alderman Cappleman makes building with whole walls of tiles“.

The anonymous 46th Ward resident quoted above continued “It’s the Wheel of Fortune”. Another couple just love it, saying “Thank-you James, this is so much easier than going to a paint store to get decorating color ideas”. Another man with a tin foil hat said “It’s great to have our own Stargate finally”.

Others question how much was paid for this. Local pigeons were understandably suspicious.

Well there you have it, Wheel of Fortune, paint store, Stargate and very expensive obsession against local artist, is it anything else to you? Let us know.

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