May 17 2012: 8 years ago, Ald. Cappleman beat up a senior citizen woman and had her falsely arrested

Animal Advocate Hero Young Kang told police Cappleman should have “better things to do.” “You are the alderman; I voted for you,” she told the Alderman before he beat her up according to the police report “You should not be sweeping up breadcrumbs.”

War on Senior Citizens and Pigeons continues today

Uptown May 17, 2012 – 8 years ago, Chicago’s 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman reached a new low in human and avian history.

Little did people suspect then, that this isolated but horrible incident would turn into Uptown’s largest bird genocide and a mass exile of senior citizens from the 46th Ward, as well as a trend of false arrests.

Within the year Cappleman had thousands of innocent animals murdered for fun and began to have thousands of senior citizen appropriate housing units converted to expensive hipster housing.

The Uptown Pigeon calls for 5 minutes of silence at 9:00 AM on May 17th in commemoration of animal advocate Hero Young Kang.

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Note: this post is updated from 2018

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