PIGEON TALK: 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman to step aside for 2023 Election

PUBLIC NOT INVITED: Cappleman and Ruling Class Democrats choose Kim Walz as the new 46th Ward White NIMBY Progressive alderman

Voters need to adjust to the fact that the Democratic Party doesn’t care what the voters want. The Democratic Party decides who The Democratic Party is, not you.

Many voters, recently angered by racist Alderman Cappleman’s refusal to support #BlackLivesMatter and CPAC, have vowed to vote Cappleman out of office in the 2023 election.

The ever growing knowledge of Cappleman’s long history of racist acts, his constant phony doubletalk and lately, his fool no one GAPA nonsense to keep power with the politicians and out of the voter’s hands have added much fuel to the already heated anti-Cappleman constituency.

It would be thought filled with realism for the ruling class Dems to replace Cappleman and leave him to his retirement pension and corruption goodies.

Can you believe Cappleman actually told a constituent recently that his opinion matters more than the voters? He asserted he was more of a Hamilton than a Jefferson, that he goes by “[his] wisdom” rather than “[citizen] majority rule.” Amazing…

Anyhoo, quickly moving past lame duck Cappleman and even the inevitable redistricting and gerrymandering certain to come, the word on the street, according to the pigeons is, Kim Walz‘s consolation prize for moving out of the way and terminating her campaign for state representative in the 12th District for Pritzker and Lightfoot, is to be the next 46th Ward Alderman.

Sorry Uptown, it’s all about Lincoln Park and Lakeview now. Or is it?

Stay tuned for updated news right here, at the Uptown Pigeon.

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