PIGEON TALK: 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman to step aside for 2023 Election

PUBLIC NOT INVITED: Cappleman and Ruling Class Democrats choose Kim Walz as the new 46th Ward White NIMBY Progressive alderman

Voters need to adjust to the fact that the Democratic Party doesn’t care what the voters want. The Democratic Party decides who The Democratic Party is, not you.

Many voters, recently angered by racist Alderman Cappleman’s refusal to support #BlackLivesMatter and CPAC, have vowed to vote Cappleman out of office in the 2023 election.

The ever growing knowledge of Cappleman’s long history of racist acts, his constant phony doubletalk and lately, his fool no one GAPA nonsense to keep power with the politicians and out of the voter’s hands have added much fuel to the already heated anti-Cappleman constituency.

It would be thought filled with realism for the ruling class Dems to replace Cappleman and leave him to his retirement pension and corruption goodies.

Can you believe Cappleman actually told a constituent recently that his opinion matters more than the voters? He asserted he was more of a Hamilton than a Jefferson, that he goes by “[his] wisdom” rather than “[citizen] majority rule.” Amazing…

Anyhoo, quickly moving past lame duck Cappleman and even the inevitable redistricting and gerrymandering certain to come, the word on the street, according to the pigeons is, Kim Walz‘s consolation prize for moving out of the way and terminating her campaign for state representative in the 12th District for Pritzker and Lightfoot, is to be the next 46th Ward Alderman.

Sorry Uptown, it’s all about Lincoln Park and Lakeview now. Or is it?

Stay tuned for updated news right here, at the Uptown Pigeon.

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Was [white male] Sean Tenner appointed or elected as 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman?
VIDEO: Ald Cappleman claims Black people need to talk to a Black alderman

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Was [white male] Sean Tenner appointed or elected as 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman?

I’m thinking both, but you tell me. It looks like a predetermined result without public choice to me.

The Daily Line By A.D. Quig July 26, 2018
Tenner takes over as 46th Ward Democratic committeeman, Cappleman to launch aldermanic re-Election Campaign Next Month
Sean Tenner, a veteran of North Side political circles, was tapped to be the 46th Ward’s Democratic Committeeman at a meeting of precinct captains Wednesday night at the Uptown Arcade.

Like many people, the first I heard of a new 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman was Thursday July 26th, 2018 on Cappleman’s Real Estate Blog, The Uptown Update (Header image in fair use above)

Ald. Cappleman has announced he’s stepping down from his position as 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman. In a statement released on Wednesday, he welcomed Sean Tenner as his successor:

“Today I was pleased to support the nomination and election of longtime 46th Ward Democratic activist and former 46th Ward Democrats President Sean Tenner to succeed me as Democratic Committeeman. I have enjoyed my role as Democratic Committeeman since 2012 and, working within my community and with Democratic leaders throughout the state, we have made great strides in increasing Democratic and progressive energy moving towards the 2018 General Election.

This 2018 election is of absolutely historic importance. We need a Democratic Congress in Washington to block the incredibly dangerous Trump agenda. We need to elect JB Pritzker to end Governor Rauner’s endless attacks on working families, unions, and social services and start moving our state back in a more progressive direction.

At the same time, there are also numerous projects I am working on critical to the future of the 46th Ward – such as the long-awaited redevelopment on the historic Uptown Theatre and initiatives related to public safety, schools, housing, infrastructure and transportation.

I want to devote as much time as possible to addressing these critical ward issues, and I know that Sean has the experience and energy to lead the 46th Ward Democrats going in to the fall campaign and beyond.

This is a win-win for the 46th Ward and the Democratic Party. I look forward to working with Sean, a friend I have known and worked with since my first campaign, to make our community, state and nation more fair and just for people of all backgrounds.

For more information visit 46thwarddems.weebly.com. Sean Tenner can be reached at (312) 576-8822.”

Am I crazy? Yes of course, but it sure looks like Cappleman purposely stepped down and Sean Tenner was immediately appointed 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman, with NO PUBLIC INPUT through a sham process where the precinct captains voted from a choice of 1.

Now OK, when was the election where Sean Tenner ran unopposed for 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman? I swear I remember leaving his ballot checkbox blank… So I asked someone a lot smarter than me, and I looked it up, sure enough, they were right – it was the March 17 2020 primary elections when he ran unopposed and won his spot.

Why unopposed, who knows, but in my opinion James Cappleman appointed Sean Tenner the evening of July 25 2020, when he could have appointed a person of color, a woman, a woman person of color, a trans person, a trans person of color…

Sean Tenner ‘served’ in this appointed position as 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman, non-elected by the public 46th Ward Democratic Committeeman until he was finally elected unopposed nearly 20 months later on March 17 2020.

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VIDEO: Ald Cappleman claims Black people need to talk to a Black alderman

Yesterday and today, Cappleman was and still is a racist

Alderman Cappleman of Chicago’s 46th Ward, which includes most of Uptown and the northern end of Lakeview, has always been a racist.

He was first elected as a racist candidate for gentrification, and has now spent years refining his lies, pretending to be this great progressive. Still, up to this very minute, his racism shows as this video from 2018 clearly demonstrates.

Stay tuned for updated news right here, at the Uptown Pigeon.

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May 17 2012: 8 years ago, Ald. Cappleman beat up a senior citizen woman and had her falsely arrested

Animal Advocate Hero Young Kang told police Cappleman should have “better things to do.” “You are the alderman; I voted for you,” she told the Alderman before he beat her up according to the police report “You should not be sweeping up breadcrumbs.”

War on Senior Citizens and Pigeons continues today

Uptown May 17, 2012 – 8 years ago, Chicago’s 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman reached a new low in human and avian history.

Little did people suspect then, that this isolated but horrible incident would turn into Uptown’s largest bird genocide and a mass exile of senior citizens from the 46th Ward, as well as a trend of false arrests.

Within the year Cappleman had thousands of innocent animals murdered for fun and began to have thousands of senior citizen appropriate housing units converted to expensive hipster housing.

The Uptown Pigeon calls for 5 minutes of silence at 9:00 AM on May 17th in commemoration of animal advocate Hero Young Kang.

Stay tuned for updated news right here, at the Uptown Pigeon.

Note: this post is updated from 2018

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With election fraud indictment on-hold temporarily, 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman resumes jealous rage against local artist

“Nothing can stop Cappleman from focusing on that artist, even subconsciously he’s ready to tile the whole ward” -anonymous 46th Ward resident

UPTOWN – The Uptown Pigeon reported one similar example of Cappleman’s very unhealthy obsession with a local artist 13 months ago in our article “Jealous of Local Artist’s Chicago Mosaics, Alderman Cappleman makes building with whole walls of tiles“.

The anonymous 46th Ward resident quoted above continued “It’s the Wheel of Fortune”. Another couple just love it, saying “Thank-you James, this is so much easier than going to a paint store to get decorating color ideas”. Another man with a tin foil hat said “It’s great to have our own Stargate finally”.

Others question how much was paid for this. Local pigeons were understandably suspicious.

Well there you have it, Wheel of Fortune, paint store, Stargate and very expensive obsession against local artist, is it anything else to you? Let us know.

Stay tuned for updated news right here, at the Uptown Pigeon.

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Uptown Update Cappleman supporters debate whether the law has been violated enough to win the election

Chicago Reader: Team Cappleman cupcakes given out at polling places

Some felt cupcakes were not enough and there should have been cookies too, others thought money and beer, maybe even vodka would have been better

The well-known official Alderman Cappleman website and Facebook page masquerading as a neighborhood blog, was alive and hopping with confused users after Tuesday’s deadlocked election results, concerned that true equality may cause them to lose their entitlement and hateful ways.

Most were completely stunned and couldn’t believe that votes for challenger Marianne Lalonde, with only a mere fraction of Cappleman’s campaign budget, managed to equal Cappleman votes, with all his ill-gotten campaign donations from the real estate industry.

A frequent user of the Uptown Update Facebook page said “Look, we pay lots of property taxes to support all this corruption, how dare they not give us the alderman we want?”

Many condo owners at the Uptown Update openly expressed their [irrational] fears that a new administration would treat them as horribly as they treated others, and several said they would have to move elsewhere.

One user lamented, “They will make this all about human beings instead of buildings, what shall we do?” Another crowed, “We threw all Marianne’s campaign signs away, and still she has the gall to equal Cappleman votes? I just knew we should have poisoned a few pigeons near the polling places.” One more said “Cappleman told me to pay that city crew $50 each to block her campaign office with machinery and she still got the vote out, what the heck?”

Stay tuned for updated news right here, at the Uptown Pigeon.

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