46th Ward Alderman Cappleman & his vigilante gang have been assaulting constituents for a long time

Due to the recent arrest of another Uptown resident who surely was purposely provoked, attacked, and assaulted by Cappleman, I feel compelled to relate this story in the hopes that other victims will come forward with their Cappleman abuse/assault/arrest stories. To my knowledge, in addition to my story, including this unfortunate fellow, there have been at least 4 people assaulted and arrested falsely by Cappleman. I was fortunate to recognize a setup, they were not. My firsthand witnessed account that follows is 100% factual. This is not satire, it is very serious.

Ald. James Cappleman, his CAPS 19th District liason husband Richard Thale, Ald. Raymond Lopez, and former/current 46th Ward staff members oversee and participate in the assault of a constituent over a photograph

Uptown Chicago – On June 28th, 2015 there was a shooting at the McDonald’s on the corner of Sheridan Road and Wilson Avenue. Across the street on the public sidewalk of the north side of the Uptown Baptist Church from over 10 feet away, I took the above photo of Ald. Raymond Lopez, Ald. Cappleman and his amateur police officer husband Richard Thale, Chief of Staff Tressa Feher and former Chief of Staff Lauren Peters.

Cappleman then sicced Lauren Peters on me. She was likely half my senior citizen age (currently 65) and built like a double rottweiler. She got 2″ in my face and screamed “what are your doing!?” at me.

I was scared shitless, but forcefully and clearly said “none of your business, leave me alone”. Mind you, this was a public sidewalk and a public official at a newsworthy event. People were everywhere around me and I was not close to the Cappleman vigilante gang, interfering with them, or speaking to them.

I jumped backwards and sideways many times. After each time, she continued to get in my face – always screaming. In fear for my health and freedom, I continued to tell her loudly many times to get away from me, each time jumping or running away from her. She chased me all around that sidewalk. I never made a single aggressive move or word towards her. None. Just get away from me and leave me alone.

I’m 100% sure I would have been arrested had there not been so many witnesses, such an obvious assault on my space and my clear loud vocalizing to get away from me and stop chasing me.

Cappleman & husband (and Lopez) just stood there and watched. They said nothing and made no efforts to get her to stop. Eventually they just walked away like nothing had happened. Shortly after that, Peters and Feher left as well. I stood there shaking, took one more photo and went home.

When a public official is willing to use the police and courts falsely as a weapon, it is very scary

I feared Cappleman & his gang. I knew as many do, he is dishonest and corrupt, & has no problem filing false police reports. I still shake in anxiety over this event every time I think about it.

Cappleman and his staff, his husband Richard Thale, and others in his positive loitering vigilante gangs are the real thugs and true dangers to the Uptown community. They need to be investigated and removed from official duties. Their victims need to have their arrests overturned, be fully exonerated and compensated for the harm Cappleman and his gang have caused them.

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Over 9 years ago, Ald. Cappleman assaulted a senior citizen woman and had her falsely arrested

War on Senior Citizens and Pigeons continues today

Uptown Chicago May 17 2012 – Over 9 years ago Chicago’s 46th Ward Alderman Cappleman reached a new low in human and avian history.

Little did people suspect then, that this isolated but horrible incident would turn into Uptown’s largest bird genocide and a mass exile of senior citizens from the 46th Ward, as well as a trend of false arrests that has continued to this day.

Within the year, Cappleman had thousands of innocent animals murdered for fun and began to have thousands of senior citizen appropriate housing units converted to expensive hipster housing.

The Uptown Pigeon salutes animal advocate Young Kang as a true hero who paid dearly for her kindness.


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