Under pressure from community groups, Mayor and Alderman agree to 6 tree pilot program in Englewood

Healthy, taxpayer-funded trees being replaced with toxic, impermeable bike lane surfaces in Lincoln Park

CHICAGO – After the rushed, no public comment passage of the Residential Zone Biking Lanes Ordinance last Friday, Uptown and Edgewater residents noticed something unexpected in nearby lakefront park areas. The City was removing relatively new trees and marking out new bike paths.

Numerous community groups and residents bombarded social media, the Mayor’s office and Aldermanic offices throughout the city.

In response, Mayor Emanuel and Alderman Cappleman issued a joint press release Tuesday afternoon, which said “Historically, lakefront parks have had more trees and less asphalt than other wards. With the joint cooperation of many City departments, we are now happy to announce fewer trees and more asphalt in the lakefront parks. Additionally, we are committed to a new 6 tree pilot program in Englewood.”

Contacted at the 46th Ward Alderman’s office, Cappleman also said “I will be doing the promotional videos. We are actively looking for environmentalists and nature buffs for the videos. We have the funding, for at least through the next Municipal Election period.”

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