Micro apartment renter plans to vote for Cappleman because donuts are much better & steadily improving

Uptown Chicago was just too city-ish before Alderman Cappleman, more like home now

UPTOWN – Wayne Worthmore is looking forward to municipal elections in February 2019. Wayne, who originally moved to Lakeview from Kansas in 2010, and works in the human resources department of a downtown corporation says “I didn’t move to the big city to eat honey buns. I pay enough rent that I should have access to world-class donuts, it’s that simple.”

Wayne moved to Uptown in 2016 and his new 235 square foot apartment is over $1000/month. Wayne continued “Before Cappleman became alderman there were still food shops where people didn’t even speak English, can you imagine that? Cappleman is doing a great job getting rid of all the foreigners and crazy people. He gets my vote.”

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